What are The Best Surfing Beaches in the U.S.A

Surf Beaches USAMany people go on surfing holidays all around the world each and every year to places such as Bali in Indonesia or the Gold Coast in Australia (home of the famous Billabong surfing brand and team). But what if you want to catch some waves in America? Besides California not many surfing spots in the U.S. are talked about, so that’s where this article comes in. I hope to give you a starting point for finding great surfing locations and beaches near to where you live or where you plan to visit when on holiday in America.

There are some great surfing beaches on offer in California that I just have to mention. However I won’t waste much time telling you about these great surf spots because as I mentioned before many people know about these locations. They will be able to give you much more information than I ever could in this single article.

Huntington Beach or ‘Surf City, U.S.A’

Huntington Beach or ‘Surf City, U.S.A’

With a ‘perfect break’ Huntington Beach or ‘Surf City, U.S.A’ is one of the top surf locations in America and is known all over the world. Malibu Beach is great for those people who want to perform some takeoff manoeuvres with its long waves. If a beautiful beach is what you’re after then you can’t go wrong at Oceanside. Of course there are loads more great spots to check out in California but there are plenty more if you don’t live on the West coast.

Surfing is like a religion in Hawaii and there are lots of high quality surfing beaches to visit. Sunset Beach on the North Coast of Oahu is a beach for the surfing pros out there. The waves break over the reef to form some epic tube waves. Only attempt surfing these waves if you know what you’re doing, November through to March produces the best waves and swells.

Massive waves, beautiful crystal clear waters and all year round sunshine make Waikiki Beach also in Hawaii a much visit destination for any serious surfer. The location has a long running tradition of surfing and is best visited between May and September.

If you find yourself on the East coast you better head down to Florida for some of the best breaks around. The East coasts version of surf city would have to be Sebastian Inlet, which has great waves and big crowds for most of the year.

You can find Sebastian Inlet, or The Inlet as it is commonly called, located South of Cocoa Beach which itself is another surfing location worth visiting. Cocoa beach contains the most famous surf shop in the world (Ron Jons) and is also home to Kelley Slater, six times World Champion surfer.

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    Good article highlighting the fact that there are plenty of surf spots around the USA beyond just the shores of California and Hawaii. There are a few USA & Hawaii surf guides available, so go explore!

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