Edinburgh as a Tourist Destination

Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland, and an incredible city to visit.  It is a vibrant cosmopolitan place with fantastic medieval architecture, tEdinburgh Cityrendy city centre, and much of cultural interest.There is something rather special and unique about Edinburgh that makes it a very exciting place to visit.  It is a city with a history that is visible in the form of the wonderful and impressive Edinburgh Castle towering over the city, and home to the National War museum and of course Scotland’s Stone of Destiny.  There is also the Old and New town areas with over 4,500 listed buildings as well places such as the Edinburgh Vaults where you can see excavated examples of homes and businesses from the 18th Century.

History is not the only reason many people visit Edinburgh, through the year it is host to many excellent events including the Linlithgow Folk Festival, The Military Tattoo, Fringe Festival, Film Festival and more.  In the periods between this menu of events, there is plenty here still, from Holyrood Palace standing at the opposite end of the Royal Mile to Edinburgh Castle, and the Edinburgh zoo.  Set in 82 acres of parkland that slope down Corstophine Hill towards the city, it is home to over 1000 rare and endangered animals.

For people looking to do some shopping, Princes Street is one of the main shopping thoroughfares in Edinburgh.  Here you’ll find many well known shops as well as some which are exclusive to Edinburgh.  Most of the buildings are along one side of the street only, allowing stunning views of the Old Town, Edinburgh Castle and the Valley on the other side.  This openness is repeated throughout the city and Edinburgh is a surprisingly green place for such a large city.

Food lovers will enjoy the vast variety of cuisine on offer in Edinburgh, and the narrow alleys either side of the Royal Mile and the Grassmarket below the castle are where many of the best restaurants can be found, although there are plenty of other eateries across the city too.

Nightlife in Edinburgh is as varied as the city itself.  There are many cheerful pubs in the Grassmarket area, and some quite lively clubs on Cowgate, while in George Street, you’ll find trendy cocktail lounges and stylish bars.  You can enjoy a meal and a quiet drink in a pub, or eat fine food and dance till dawn if the mood strikes you.

One evening suggestion for those who want to really ‘see’ Edinburgh at night, is to take a walk up to Arthurs seat and enjoy the views out over the city and its surrounding countryside.  These views are beautiful in the daytime, but absolutely stunning at night when the whole area is lit up, though we do advise taking a jacket even in the summertime as it can be a little chilly up there.

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