Driving Holidays in Singapore

Singapore Skyline

The atmospheric island of Singapore offers a variety of experiences and attractions to its many tourists. A great way to explore its diverse areas is by hiring a car which will enable you to visit many destinations with ease.

Places to Visit

A great place to visit is the Singapore Zoo which is known to be one of the most spectacular zoos in the world. Rather than cages and glass separating you from the animals, the zoo uses natural barriers such as streams, rock walls and vegetation in order to create an open experience for its visitors. There are thousands of animals to see – one of the most amazing sights is the orang-utan breeding programme which was built to prevent the species from becoming extinct in future years.

Some other great places to visit are the parks and natural reserves around the island. The Singapore Botanic Garden is a great example of the luxurious and exotic parks across the region. The garden includes an expanse of untouched forest alongside cultivated and intricate gardens. These include a wide variety of plant species which are both unusual and striking to the tourist’s eye! To get here you must travel from the Orchard MRT Station (NS22) along Orchard Boulevard and follow signs to the park.

Things to Do

One of the most popular activities within Singapore is to go shopping – you can spend the entire day on a trip visiting the designer boutiques, speciality stores and expansive departments. The central shopping belt running from Tanglin Road all the way to Orchard Road rivals the most notorious shopping districts around the world. Here there are a variety of stores to suit all budgets. However this central area can get very busy with both tourists and citizens alike so visit during mornings or weekdays.

Alongside the bustling shopping atmosphere, there are also some relaxing activities to enjoy in Singapore. There are numerous day spas to travel to around the island. Two of the greatest are the Amrita Spa in The Plaza on 2 Stanford Road and Aromatic House Day Spa on 23 Kampong Bahru Road. Both offer its visitors a sanctuary from Singapore’s urban lifestyle through the number of relaxing and pampering treatments on offer.

Rules and Regulations

Visitors on holiday to Singapore can hire and drive vehicles with their foreign-issued license. However there are a few differences on the road for people to be aware of. The Electronic Road Pricing requires Autopass Card to be inserted into the In-Vehicle Unit within your hire car during peak hours. Avoiding these payments is a violation of the law; yet hire-car companies will provide you with information you will need alongside the gadgets to use the system. These In-Vehicle Units are also used to pay for the spaces within car parks around Singapore.

Another regulation to be aware of is the prohibition of mobile phones whilst driving. Also the level of intoxication which is considered illegal whilst driving is 80mg% (0.08%) of alcohol so never exceed this limit.


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