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Best Footwear for Long-Haul Flights

Sore Feet from unappropiate footwear

Since publishing the long-haul flights travel tips article a large number of people have asked ‘what is the best footwear for long-haul flights?’  There is no fast and hard answer for this question as it is really down to taste and comfort. However here are some following points to consider.

  1. The cabin temperature – Are your shoes warm enough?
  2. Comfort – Are your shoes too tight?
  3. Breathability – Will your feet sweat?

Cabin Temperature – Are your shoes warm enough?

The cabin temperature on long-haul flights can tend to get cold at times and by keeping your feet warm you will feel warmer all over.  Though most airlines provide free socks on most longhaul flights, it is a good idea to avoid open toe shoes and wear your own socks.

Don’t wear sandals, keep your feet covered and keep warm.

Comfort – Are your shoes too tight?

Sitting for long periods of time and flying at high altitude increases chances of developing deep vein thrombosis (DVT) due to restricting the blood flow through your body.  Don’t wear shoes that are too tight and shoes that come high up on your leg, also avoid shoes with thin straps that when fastened could restrict your blood flow even more.  Slip on shoes and comfortable loafers are ideal a they are easy to remove when sitting and slip on when you need to get up and stretch your legs.

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Breathability – Will your feet sweat?

Do your shoes allow your feet to breath? Not only can it be embarrassing to remove shoes unleashing an odour so powerful penetrating every corner and every orifice of the cabin, making people talk and heads turn, but shoes that aren’t able to let your feet breathe are more likely to make your feet swell causing some discomfort and possibly reducing the flow of blood.  Therefore avoid shoes made from plastic and cheap synthetic materials and buy yourself a nice pair of shoes that let your feet breathe.

These are just a few tips and points of advice for you to think about before you fly, if you have any other tips please feel free to leave a comment and let our readers know.

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